Nuoyi pattern leather paper

Nuoyi pattern leather paper, also known as large dots leather paper, fish eye pattern leather paper, light up the size of imitation leather paper。A new type of environmentally friendly leather paper, special paper, and imitation paper produced by Nori's leather paper is comparable to the new visual beauty and comfortable feel of imported leather paper in the United States。Novi grain leather paper(imitation paper) series of surface coating with a new technology coating, making its texture more rich and shiny. The touch has reached the approximate dermis, is a new high-end pattern paper, gift wrapping paper。


Features and Processes:
1, paper feel soft, comparable to leather, beautiful color.
2, can resist pollution, anti-scratch, imitation white oil, imitation water and other corrosive cleaning agent.
3, gloss: high light, the surface is like spray paint, bright colors.
4, the customer can add decoration on its surface for individual needs, such as hot stamping, silk printing, bump, voltage, UV, high wave, processing.
5, the use of the original import culvert treated paper(commonly known as covered paper), with high temperature, high strength, high resistance to tear L cracking, resistance to folding, soft, easy to glue, glue, non-degumming, non-fading and other characteristics.