New lizard pattern leather paper

高光幻彩双色新蜥蜴纹充皮纸- 一种经典的花纹,多用于高档礼品包装盒以及时尚包装,手袋等的封面装帧。新蜥蜴纹充皮纸采用浸染过的底纸,具备柔软,耐磨,耐折(可达数百次),脚链位纸折痕不明显,不爆纸,过胶不卷曲, 贴合平整服贴等绝对的优势.

A classic pattern, mostly used in high-end gift boxes and fashion packaging, handbags.。The new lizard-lined leather paper with impregnated bottom paper, soft, wear-resistant, resistant(up to hundreds of times), leg-link paper crease is not obvious, do not explode paper, glue do not curl, paste flat clothing and other absolute advantages。