Little rose pearly paper

The beaded paper offset printing is mainly to reflect the gorgeous effect of the paper beaded. If the printing ink area is large, the beaded effect of the paper can not be reflected in one piece, and the beaded effect of the paper has been greatly weakened through the ink layer. Therefore, we should avoid large areas of field pattern printing according to the characteristics of beaded paper when designing the plate. Generally design some simple lines, patterns, text, not only can highlight the focus of the packaging content, but also can show the gorgeous effect of the paper. The pearlescent particles of pearlescent paper are easily broken, and the semi-finished product can not withstand repeated rotation and friction. Therefore, the production process route should be as short as possible, and some optional process links should be cancelled, especially those that participate in more manual links. Can be printed without twice at a time, can be printed with offset printing without screen printing, can connect the light on the machine not to take off the machine light, of course, can not be on the light firmly not on the light, because on the light will greatly weaken the pearlescent effect of pearlescent paper.