Coat paper-velvet

Coat paper-velvet, also known as embossed velvet paper, embossed velvet paper, velvet paper, such as high-grade packaging materials are highly respected packaging materials。It not only has the delicate feel of fluff, noble vision, gorgeous color, but also has a lot of patterns to choose。Coat paper-using the original American imported leather paper, with sufficient toughness, tension and flexibility, to ensure that you make the technology convenient and smooth。Compared with all the fake velvet paper made by the traditional use of velvet and paper, it has the advantage of natural irreplaceable. Its advantage is that it has completely solved the delamination problem of traditional velvet paper in the production process of adhesive. Second, The paper hardness, depilation and fading of traditional paper are solved。Paper printing & padding are widely used in packaging / wine / jewelry / jewelry / handbag / trademark / card / leather cover / frame / notebook / book binding, etc。。If you are tired of the same flat face of the erstwhile velvet paper, if you want to give that plain appearance for many years to new ideas, please come to the Handong Special Paper Mall, where there are many varieties, colorful fancy velvet paper, It will definitely brighten your eyes and give you more design inspiration。