PU Wood Pape

PU Wood Paper-This series is a new type of packaged wood paper developed by our company. It has a solid wood pattern and a variety of colors.

This series of wrapping paper is my company's own development of a new type of packaging wood paper, with a solid wood pattern and a variety of colors. PU Series: Its bright shiny effect, refreshing, sure to make your products shine. This product does not need to be repainted, and it can save you a lot of money compared to traditional wooden boxes. This product is dedicated to packaging. It uses 120g of imported raw paper and special thickened paper, which makes the wood grain paper itself more resilient and stiff. It is easier to glue and paste in the post-processing process. Compared with traditional wood grain paper, Production efficiency has been greatly improved. Suitable for all aspects of gift box packaging, for a large number of wooden box producers are favored. Scope of application: packaging boxes, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes, pencil boxes, stationery boxes, photo frames, photo albums, notebooks, bags, binding books, and other high-end packaging decoration.