packing paper

Many kinds of paper and paper material breed diversity, design also many. Paper generally USES white paperboard, flipchart bond paper, kraft paper, manufacturing, and a small number is special paper, in accordance with the bag, in different ways, and the bottom bottom seam is opening the bag, open the bag, adhesive Angle valve type suture bags, valve flat hexagonal client base adhesive paper bag four types. Because of the open style factors, so appeared portable bag bag is the name, some have walked arm in arm. Use four layers above kraft paper bag, packing products such as cement, fertilizer. According to the properties of packaging bag, using different types. Other bag: including increasingly, envelope, handbag, cement bags, paper bags, feed bag, fertilizer bags, paper bags, four layers film bag, medicine bags, clothes bag, profession, shopping bags, gift bags, wine water. Use a different size, design, including the thickness of the paper bag and there are many requirements, so to customize according to the actual situation, achieve more with less effort, the economy is applicable to reduce material saving, environmental protection, green, enterprise investment, provides more security.