Light single color Limon pattern leather paper

亮光单色丽蒙纹充皮纸- 一种经典的花纹,多用于证书、银行存折、礼品包装盒等的封面装帧。优点:底纸采用浸染过的底纸,具备柔软、耐磨、耐折(可达数百次)、脚链位纸折痕不明显、不爆纸、过胶不卷曲、 贴合平整服贴等绝对的优势。

Light Single Limon pattern leather paper-a classic pattern, mostly used for the cover of certificates, bank Passbooks, gift boxes, etc。

Advantages: The bottom paper adopts impregnated bottom paper, which has the absolute advantages of softness, wear resistance, resistance to folding(up to hundreds of times), no obvious crease on the foot chain paper, no explosive paper, no crimp, and flat clothes.