Documents covered with leather paper

证件纹充皮纸 一种经典的花纹,多用于证书,银行存折等的封面装帧。证件纹充皮纸优点采用浸染过的底纸,具备柔软,耐磨,耐折(可达数百次),脚链位纸折痕不明显,不爆纸,过胶不卷曲, 贴合平整服贴等绝对的优势。

Documents-a classic pattern, used for certificates, bank-book cover frame。The advantages of document coat paper: using impregnated bottom paper, with soft, wearable, resistant to folding(up to hundreds of times), foot chain paper crease is not obvious, non-explosive paper, overglue does not curl, paste flat clothing and other absolute advantages。







The surface of the document:
A. Use of soft water-friendly ink, so that paper color, environmental protection, soft.
B. The soft 7-grade environment-friendly light oil, so that the paper surface through long-lasting color, rubbing color, rubbing no obvious crease.
C. waterproof, anti-white electric oil.
D. The surface flatness and delicacy of paper are very high, comparable to non-ordinary domestic paper.
E. Color difference between different batches of paper is negligible. (Domestic general color difference range; 5-10 %, import paper 3-5 %)