HD-Tracing Paper06

HD-Tracing Paper06

Natural tracing paper, color tracing paper, using neutral paper technology, the paper aging resistance, long-term preservation does not change yellow. High strength, scratch resistance, both sides can be used.Good ink absorption, strong control of ink drops, can draw fine lines. It’s commonly used for all kinds of plotters, engineering copiers and printers, manual painting,engineering xerography, laser printing, archival record,book binding,art, printing, handwork,gift packaging.

Tracing paper, commonly known as sulphate paper. 

It is made of fine plant fibers through interweaving, in the wet state through free beating, no sizing, no fillers, paper making, 72% of concentrated sulfuric acid soaked for 2~ 3S, 

washed with water and treated with glycerin, dried after the formation of a germplasm hard film type material. Sulphate paper solid texture, dense and slightly transparent, with oil 

and water penetration resistance is strong, airtight, and wet strength and other characteristics, waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-proof, sterilization, disinfection.