Wood grain paper

Wood grain paper

Wood grain paper is a kind of special paper. Generally, raw wood pulp kraft paper is used as the base paper, and then embossing, dyeing and other processes are performed on the surface, and finally the wood-grain paper with colorful and different patterns is produced. Because of its high ornamental, practical, and cost-effective characteristics, wood-grain paper is used in various fields, especially the packaging of various products.

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Production environment

30000 square meters of modern standard plant


A professional team of more than 100 people

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High speed printing machine, gravure printing machine, melamine impregnating machine, roller press, rewinder, embossing machine, Slitter and other production lines


SGS, FSC, RoHS and other certifications meet environmental protection requirements


It covers the packaging industry and architectural decoration industry

Multiple products

Including wood grain paper, leather filling paper, pearlescent paper, tactile paper, PVC paper, paperboard and other m.pu paper, Polaroid paper, gorgeous paper, melamine paper, prepreg paper, etc.

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Dongguan Handong Specialty Paper Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of special packaging paper, provides recyclable, recyclable, degradable, and non-heavy metal-free green environmentally friendly leather-filled paper, environmentally friendly leather-filled paper, PVC leather-filled paper, PU leather-filled paper, wood grain Paper, tactile paper, pattern paper, embossed paper, art paper, pearl paper, gold and silver cardboard, packaging wood grain paper, embossed velvet paper, pattern velvet paper, embossed velvet paper, special paper, gift wrapping paper, High-, middle- and low-grade packaging materials such as binding cloth and binding paper.
All our papers are well used in high-classed gift boxes, book-binding, red packets, invitations, handicraft, scrap-booking and so on.

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Wood grain paper introduction

Wood grain paper belongs to the classification of Polaroid paper in decorative paper, and is a decorative paper with the weakest abrasion resistance. In view of the requirements of surface plasticity and environmental protection, mainly formaldehyde-free, the wood grain paper industry has developed a new process, which is different from using melamine resin to dip coating and then hot pressing. Then coat the surface with water-based polyurethane resin to protect against scratches and make up for the lack of wear resistance; after water-based polyurethane resin is coated on the surface of the paper, the paper can also be wrapped and curled, and the plasticity will be better than the previous one. 

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Wood Grain Paper --- HD-DMC-66

Wood Grain Paper --- HD-DMC-66 wood grain paper is a new concept of packing paper, that is easily used by anyone compared to the regular paper.

Wood Grain Paper --- HD-TX-52

Wood Grain Paper --- HD-TX-52 wood grain paper is a new concept of packing paper, that is easily used by anyone compared to the regular paper.

Wood Grain Paper --- HD-HT-66

Wood Grain Paper --- HD-HT-66 wood grain paper is a new concept of packing paper, that is easily used by anyone compared to the regular paper.

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Satisfied, the pattern is atmospheric, the color is more stable than the picture, it has been pasted


It's very retro. It looks very good in texture. It's very advanced. It's easy to clean and wipe. The quality is very good

Green decoration

Very satisfied, especially three-dimensional, very good quality, very good pasting effect, high-level sense, very cost-effective

Shangcai home decoration
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Wood grain paper is a kind of surface decorative paper, and veneer is a semi-natural decorative material. 2. The pattern on the wood grain paper is printed; the pattern on the veneer is the pattern of the high-quality wood itself.

The wood-grain paper is artificially made, and any pattern of wood-like leather can be made according to imagination, and the price is relatively low. There are many types of wood-grain paper materials, generally paper, PVC materials and so on.

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The difference between wood grain paper and veneer

Wood grain paper is a kind of skin decoration paper, its raw material is generally kraft paper, with high strength. which is a kind of skin decoration paper, which is mostly used for surface treatment of board.

About decorative paper wood grain paper

About decorative paper wood grain paper,Polaroid paper,Gorgeous paper,Pre-painted paper,Low-pressure melamine impregnated paper,High-pressure melamine impregnated paper.

How to maintain decorative wood grain paper

How to maintain decorative wood grain paper?Pay special attention to moisture-proof treatment during the use of decorative wood grain paper.

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