What are the characteristics of leatherette paper?
21 May

What are the characteristics of leatherette paper?

leatherette paper is a kind of paper which looks very similar to leather, so it is usually called artificial leather paper.
leatherette paper is a popular environmental protection packaging paper in the world. The paper is soft and leathery, and its surface is wear-resistant and folding resistant. It adopts environmentally friendly water-based ink, with various colors and patterns. Different colors, patterns and glossiness make the paper ever-changing, or quaint or fashionable. It can be widely used in all kinds of high-end gift boxes, jewelry boxes, cosmetics boxes, tea boxes, shoe boxes, pen boxes, watch boxes, hanging cards, greeting cards, envelopes, photo albums, books, wine boxes, CD boxes, picture albums, moon cake boxes, handbags, zongzi boxes, gift boxes, strip boxes, medicine boxes, desk calendars, book boxes, film licensing, New Year cake boxes, electronic software boxes, philatelic cards, books, coin books, notebooks, etc Packaging of gram brand, etc.
The gram weight of leatherette paper is generally between 120g and 400g per square meter.
Its characteristics are as follows
1、 The paper has high toughness, folding resistance and wear resistance.
2、 The paper has high softness, good handle and rich three-dimensional feeling, like leather, which is convenient for manual operation.
3、 Paper and glue absorb each other well, easy to eat glue.
4、 It has certain water resistance, oil and water resistance.
5、 There are many patterns and colors, which can be customized according to specific needs.
6、 Environmental protection, the use of water-based ink, and degradable, conducive to environmental protection.