Introduce a special paper ~ embossed paper | high quality embossed paper
21 May

Introduce a special paper ~ embossed paper | high quality embossed paper

Embossed paper is a paper for cover decoration. The surface of the paper has an inconspicuous depression pattern, so it is called "embossing". The colors are divided into gray, green, beige and pink, and are generally used to print monochrome covers.

1) Features of embossed paper
The method of mechanical embossing or creping paper is used to form a concave-convex pattern on the surface of the paper or cardboard. Embossed paper improves its decorative effect by embossing, making the paper more textured. In recent years, embossing on the surface of printing paper has become more and more common. Colored and dyed paper such as offset paper, art paper, white paper, white cardboard, etc. are embossed before printing. As "embossed printing paper", it can greatly Improving the grade of paper also brings higher added value to paper sales. Many papers used for flexible packaging often adopt the method of embossing before or after printing to improve the visual effect of packaging and decoration and increase the value of goods. Therefore, embossing has become an important method of paper processing.

2) Processing method of embossed paper
There are two processing methods for embossed paper. One is that after the paper is produced, patterns are mechanically added to become embossed paper; the other is that after the sheet of paper is dried, it is put into the embossing machine for further processing, and then is pressed by two rollers, one of which is engraved There are embossed patterns, and after the paper passes, it will be embossed into patterns. Because of the deep texture of embossed paper, usually only one side of the paper is embossed.

3) Types of embossing
Embossing can be divided into two types: pattern embossing and non-register embossing. The so-called register embossing is to press the printed flower shape into a concave-convex shape according to the printed flower shape, so that the pattern can be bulged, which can play a beautiful decorative role.
Without pattern embossing, the embossed pattern is not directly related to the pattern of the printing. There are many types of embossing patterns. Such as cloth patterns, twill patterns, straight stripes, Yalian nets, orange skin patterns, straight nets, needle nets, egg skin patterns, sack patterns, lattice patterns, leather patterns, scalp patterns, linen patterns, gear stripes, etc. This kind of non-overprint embossing is widely used in embossing printing paper, coated book cover paper, patent paper, plastic synthetic paper, vegetable parchment paper and other decorative materials.

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