Binding Cloth Paper

Binding Cloth Paper

Binding cloth is made by pasting cloth and special paper. flat surface. It is suitable for all kinds of hardcover books, notebooks, folders, albums, and all kinds of noble and elegant jewelry, jewelry, perfume, watches, wine and other packaging.

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Production environment

30000 square meters of modern standard plant


A professional team of more than 100 people

Multiple production lines

High speed printing machine, gravure printing machine, melamine impregnating machine, roller press, rewinder, embossing machine, Slitter and other production lines


SGS, FSC, RoHS and other certifications meet environmental protection requirements


It covers the packaging industry and architectural decoration industry

Multiple products

Including wood grain paper, leather filling paper, pearlescent paper, tactile paper, PVC paper, paperboard and other m.pu paper, Polaroid paper, gorgeous paper, melamine paper, prepreg paper, etc.

How do you make a bookbinding cloth?

Dongguan Handong Specialty Paper Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of special packaging paper, provides recyclable, recyclable, degradable, and non-heavy metal-free green environmentally friendly leather-filled paper, environmentally friendly leather-filled paper, PVC leather-filled paper, PU leather-filled paper, wood grain Paper, tactile paper, pattern paper, embossed paper, art paper, pearl paper, gold and silver cardboard, packaging wood grain paper, embossed velvet paper, pattern velvet paper, embossed velvet paper, special paper, gift wrapping paper, High-, middle- and low-grade packaging materials such as binding cloth and binding paper.
All our papers are well used in high-classed gift boxes, book-binding, red packets, invitations, handicraft, scrap-booking and so on.

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A brief history of the development of binding cloth paper

Early books were issued in simple paper wrappers or bindings. The owner then took his new purchase to the local bookbinder where it was bound to his liking. As the production of books increased with the coming of the industrial revolution, cloth was introduced in the early 19th century as a less costly alternative to leather. In the United States and Great Britain, publishers began to issue books in cloth bindings. No longer was it necessary for the purchaser to have each new book individually bound. In France, the tradition of issuing books in paper wrappers continued in part well into the 20th century.

The binding cloth paper we produce, are like our leather bindings, constructed with care to ensure usability and durability as well as providing a pleasing appearance on the shelf and in the hand.

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Satisfied, the pattern is atmospheric, the color is more stable than the picture, it has been pasted


It's very retro. It looks very good in texture. It's very advanced. It's easy to clean and wipe. The quality is very good

Green decoration

Very satisfied, especially three-dimensional, very good quality, very good pasting effect, high-level sense, very cost-effective

Shangcai home decoration
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Bookcloth or bookbinding cloth is a bookbinding material, that is used to create a textile style cover. Book cloth is usually woven cotton or a similar kind of fabric that has a paper or plastic backing that protects the fabric from any adhesives that may be used to glue it to the cover of the book or other surfaces.

Handong Specialty Paper Co., Ltd.  was established since 2004 with advanced production machines, is a professional manufacture of specialty paper, and housing over 100 skillful workers.

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Types and applications of binding cloth paper

Therefore, understand the types, performance and quality of cardboard, and choose the right one. The cardboard required for each type of processing is very important to produce high-quality products.Types and applications of binding cloth paper

It is very important to do a good job in binding cloth paper cutting, these must be paid attention to!

To ensure the cutting quality of printed semi-finished products—printed sheets, it is necessary to start with the purchase of paper, and to control the quality of each process such as design, printing, and binding.This is binding cloth paper.

5 most common book binding methods | binding cloth paper

we will introduce the five most common book binding methods,Binding method、Wireless plastic loading、Saddle stitch binding method、Comb steel wire / spiral、 French folding.Dongguan Handong Special Paper Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of binding cloth paper.

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