Wine Label Paper Wet Strength Paper-HDP-3101

Wine Label Paper Wet Strength Paper-HDP-3101

Wine label paper wet strength paper is a new kind of green packaging materials, its' raw material is 100% virgin pulp. This kind of aluminized paper has good alkali resistance and permeability, good printing performance, suitable for offset printing, intaglio printing and flexographic printing, good bottle sticking performance and bottle washing off performance. It has the properties of water resistance, waterproof and not easy to curl.

Wine Label Paper Wet Strength Paper-HDP-3101


Wine label paper wet strength paper is a new kind of green packaging materials with strong metal texture surface, bright colors, prints noble elegant, deeply favored businessmen and the packaging industry.With the development of commodity economy, vacuum metallized paper will become more and more widely used in beer, cigarettes, electronics, cosmetics and other food labels, label printing.


1、High gloss,strong metallic look,perfect metallized of surface and excellent aluminum adhesion.

2、With excellent adhesion ability with ink,the paper remains flat with no rolling of edges.

3、Suitable for offset printing, gravure printing and flexible printing.

4、Excellent properties when use for labels.

5、High water absorbency and High resistance to alkali.

6、Easy to stick or remove from bottles.