Artificial leather paper characteristics

Artificial leather paper characteristics

The base paper used to make artificial leather. Its performance is similar to imitation parchment paper, but its uses are different. The paper is hard and dense. The intensity is higher. translucent. airtight. It is made of chemical wood pulp, rag pulp, high-viscosity beating, adding latex to sizing, and copying on a Fourdrinier paper machine. It can also be made by impregnating latex with base paper.

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30000 square meters of modern standard plant


A professional team of more than 100 people

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High speed printing machine, gravure printing machine, melamine impregnating machine, roller press, rewinder, embossing machine, Slitter and other production lines


SGS, FSC, RoHS and other certifications meet environmental protection requirements


It covers the packaging industry and architectural decoration industry

Multiple products

Including wood grain paper, leather filling paper, pearlescent paper, tactile paper, PVC paper, paperboard and other m.pu paper, Polaroid paper, gorgeous paper, melamine paper, prepreg paper, etc.

Leatherette Texture Paper Red Candle Round Gift Box

Dongguan Handong Specialty Paper Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of special packaging paper, provides recyclable, recyclable, degradable, and non-heavy metal-free green environmentally friendly leather-filled paper, environmentally friendly leather-filled paper, PVC leather-filled paper, PU leather-filled paper, wood grain Paper, tactile paper, pattern paper, embossed paper, art paper, pearl paper, gold and silver cardboard, packaging wood grain paper, embossed velvet paper, pattern velvet paper, embossed velvet paper, special paper, gift wrapping paper, High-, middle- and low-grade packaging materials such as binding cloth and binding paper.
All our papers are well used in high-classed gift boxes, book-binding, red packets, invitations, handicraft, scrap-booking and so on.

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Scope of application of  leatherette paper

Leather paper Product is suitable for all kinds of books, picture album, the cover of the book jacket, senior gift box wine boxes and other packaging.

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Satisfied, the pattern is atmospheric, the color is more stable than the picture, it has been pasted


It's very retro. It looks very good in texture. It's very advanced. It's easy to clean and wipe. The quality is very good

Green decoration

Very satisfied, especially three-dimensional, very good quality, very good pasting effect, high-level sense, very cost-effective

Shangcai home decoration
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The synthetic resin mixed with plasticizer (such as polyvinyl chloride, vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate copolymer) is applied to the base paper in a paste or liquid state, and it is obtained after heat treatment and roller calendering or embossing.

I emptied the paper tray and put my leatherette paper sheet alone on the tray. Then I chose a floral pattern image and printed it. And. It. Worked!

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What are the characteristics of artificial leather paper?

leatherette paper is a kind of paper which looks very similar to leather, so it is usually called artificial leather paper.

What is the name of origami with leather texture? | leather paper

Imitation leather paper . A paper that looks very similar to leather. Features: The paper itself or the surface is dyed in a color similar to leather, and then the texture of the paper is pressed to imitate the leather.

What is imitation leather paper?

Imitation leather paper is also called leather-filled paper or bound paper, which is mainly used in high-end materials for book or box mounting.

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