What is embossed paper

What is embossed paper

Embossed paper is a specially produced cover decoration paper, which is generally used to print monochrome covers. Embossed paper is one of them. When producing this kind of paper, specialty paper manufacturers will not only choose a high-quality pulp raw material, but also carefully treat each process, so that the embossed paper produced has a very good texture.

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Production environment

30000 square meters of modern standard plant


A professional team of more than 100 people

Multiple production lines

High speed printing machine, gravure printing machine, melamine impregnating machine, roller press, rewinder, embossing machine, Slitter and other production lines


SGS, FSC, RoHS and other certifications meet environmental protection requirements


It covers the packaging industry and architectural decoration industry

Multiple products

Including wood grain paper, leather filling paper, pearlescent paper, tactile paper, PVC paper, paperboard and other m.pu paper, Polaroid paper, gorgeous paper, melamine paper, prepreg paper, etc.

How to Emboss Paper / EMBOSSING MACHINE

Dongguan Handong Specialty Paper Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of special packaging paper, provides recyclable, recyclable, degradable, and non-heavy metal-free green environmentally friendly leather-filled paper, environmentally friendly leather-filled paper, PVC leather-filled paper, PU leather-filled paper, wood grain Paper, tactile paper, pattern paper, embossed paper, art paper, pearl paper, gold and silver cardboard, packaging wood grain paper, embossed velvet paper, pattern velvet paper, embossed velvet paper, special paper, gift wrapping paper, High-, middle- and low-grade packaging materials such as binding cloth and binding paper.
All our papers are well used in high-classed gift boxes, book-binding, red packets, invitations, handicraft, scrap-booking and so on.

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Features of embossed paper

The surface of the embossed paper has a concave pattern that is not very obvious,The colors are divided into gray, green, beige and pink, and are generally used to print monochrome covers.

The embossed paper is kneeling and feels a bit like thin paper leather, and the spine of the book is easy to break when binding. When printing, the degree of bending (elasticity) of the paper is large, and paper feeding is difficult, which affects the printing efficiency. 

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Embossed Paper - Fine Linen -120g Noble Series

Touch Paper - fine linen -120g noble series embossed paper and cardboard type special paper /Embossed paper for decoration

Embossed Paper - Gold Straw--120g Noble Series

Gold Straw--120g noble series embossed paper and cardboard type special paper /Embossed paper for decoration

Embossed Paper - Canvas -120g Noble Series

Canvas--120g noble series embossed paper and cardboard type special paper /Embossed paper for decoration

Embossed Paper - Dynasty -120g Noble Series

Dynasty--120g noble series embossed paper and cardboard type special paper /Embossed paper for decoration

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Satisfied, the pattern is atmospheric, the color is more stable than the picture, it has been pasted


It's very retro. It looks very good in texture. It's very advanced. It's easy to clean and wipe. The quality is very good

Green decoration

Very satisfied, especially three-dimensional, very good quality, very good pasting effect, high-level sense, very cost-effective

Shangcai home decoration
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Since the color of the embossing paper is very rich, there is a natural pattern on the outer surface of the paper to have strong decorative effects, which is long-lasting decoration work, and has a certain decoration and Beautify color.

Follow these steps for dry embossing: Use tape to secure your stencil to your light box or a bright window. ... Position your paper over your stencil and tape the corners. ... Trace around the edges of your stencil using your stylus. ... Lift your paper off your stencil and check out your beautiful design!

1. Choose your favorite embosser pattern. 2. Put the paper flat into the middle gap of the embosser to ensure that the pressed paper is within the pattern range, and pay attention not to be too thick. 3. Press with palm or wood to make a pattern. 4. By combining, pasting, painting and other ways, and combining with the accessories around DIY such as lace scissors and colored pens, the embossed graphics are pasted on the DIY album to make a unique and exquisite art work.

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best embossed paper| introduce a special paper ~ embossed paper

China best embossed paper| introduce a special paper ~ embossed paper,Embossed paper is a paper for cover decoration.The surface of the paper has an inconspicuous depression pattern, so it is called "embossing".

What are the main characteristics of embossed paper?

the embossed paper produced will have a high-quality texture, so what are the main characteristics of the embossed paper? The following is the specific introduction of the editor of China Paper Net:embossed paper

What to pay attention to when printing embossed paper in special paper?

Since embossed paper belongs to special printing, the printing design requirements of embossed special paper are introduced here. There are two ways to process embossed paper. The drawing is mechanically added to become embossed paper; the opposing pressure of two rollers, one of which is engraved with an embossed drawing.

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